Monday, July 12, 2010

Experience blurs the gender boundaries !!

A number of evidences suggest that males tend to outperform females during a competition. However, the researches further confirm that these gender differences vanish with experience. Males, for example, may have a more competitive exposure and find the idea of competing less intimidating or more exciting than females. But as females are exposed to more and more competition they become comfortable with the competitive environment and tend to work hard due to an unnerving feeling of being left behind, males when exposed to more and more competition may loose the enthusiasm and thus the craving for better and better results. This causes the differences between male and female performances to disappear.

Experiments have been conducted on samples of college students where they were made to solve Math problems. In the first round of the competition, males fared better than females on account of gender and ability. But as more and more rounds of competition were carried out and the results observed, it was found that the performance was in line with the individual's math ability and had nothing to do with one's gender. This study suggests that females are not averse to competition, instead they are not as excited as males and need time to acclimatize to the competitive environment. Because the gender gap disappears, the study in no way reveals that there is any significant or permanent difference between males and females e.g. males are better at handling stress situations or care more about winning . Initial gender gap appears due to male over-performance rather than female under-performance. Both the genders show similar improvements in the further rounds of the competition.

At last I have just one thing to say: "No body will ever win the battle of sexes".

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