Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Economics, What importance does this term hold for an individual? For some, a minuscule change in the economic policy of their respective country can bring about a huge change in their incomes and thus in their lives, while others are not affected at all. In this era of globalization countries are interdependent, a slight change in US monetary policy can send Indian stock market south without many individuals even comprehending the reasons. A fall of a financial institution In Greece can send not only the European economy but the world's economy into depression. So, it is not just sufficient to know what's happening in one's own country, it is quite vital to know how the other economies are acting. In this world of cut-throat competition, those who react to the aberrations first are like to be in the lead. For ex. a rise in the interest rates is likely to make it difficult to acquire capital and thus can result in the lowering of output and consequently lower profits. In short, the market will react negatively to this news and the individuals who understand this will sell their securities first and thus will avoid the slump, the others would bear a loss. It is thus all the more important for the investors of future investors to keep track of the economics of the world.
In this time of recession where the world, specially the developed countries, are trying to avoid a depression, it is all the more important to keep in touch with the advances in the policies world around. And for those who want to have some fun along with some learning in this most widely studied field, this blog will explain real time activities that directly affect our lives, For ex. Why is the IPhone so cheap in USA while exorbitantly expensive in countries like India and China ?

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